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Breaking Taboos was a series that promoted sexual libertinage in the KitKatClub, which is located on the streets of Berlin. These videos were created to show how much tolerance can be found in an educated city such as Berlin. This strategy has so far met with no notable rejection. However, the police, called by some confused contemporaries and most passers-by showed a lot tolerant. Despite the most shameless display of female charms, there was no sexual coercion
There were still hostile interventions to what was being done. KitKatClub’s ultimate goal is to make every day spaces safe for sexuality.
The AVANTGARDE XTREME Series wants to be different by putting more demands on acting (in the form a complete erotic play in a chamber) and allowing for greater pornographic content.
These films contain aesthetically very controversial scenes, but we do not intend to allow ourselves to be judged so simply as a dirty film.
I am an intellectual and it makes sense to me to use my intellect to investigate ALL possible sexual-aesthetic worlds
(i.e. perversions etc.)
It is the job of a porn artist to communicate an erotic fantasy. If refined, this will almost always be in the black zone and does not want to conform to conventional cliches.
Breaking Taboos sought to show Berlin the sexual libertinage offered by the KitKatClub. The videos produced during this process should prove to the world that tolerance is possible even in an intelligent city like Berlin. This strategy has not met with significant rejection. Instead, the police, summoned only by a few of their more experienced contemporaries as well as most passers-by, have proven to be very accommodating. Despite the most shameless display possible of female charms it was not met with any hostile interference or sexual coercion.
nor were hostile interferences into the happening to register. KitKatClub’s goal is to create a society that makes it possible to practice sexuality in every place.
The series AVANTGARDE XTREME aims for a distinct acting claim, in the form a closed erotic-chamber play, with a stronger pornographic content and boundlessness within the conditions we have.
These films contain scenes that are aesthetically quite controversial, but we don’t intend to be dismissed so easily as smut film.
It seems natural for me as an intellectual to also use the property to examine all the possible sexual-aesthetic universes
( so perversions etc.)
As porn artists, our job is to communicate an erotic fantasy. It will, if refined enough, almost always reside in the black zone.

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