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Hi! Hi! Hi, I’m Alysha. Now you are visiting my naughty blog. This blog allows me the opportunity to share my personal life as well as some of the most exciting adventures that I have had, which I have not yet shared with you on cam. My personal website. My personal website. I can’t wait for you to come into my world…my web!
First, I want it to be clear that I wasn’t emotionally or sexually abused in my early years. I had a very good upbringing. I was raised in a southern family. I was taught to be polite as well as to treat people with respect. My parents were generous, loving and kind to me. My childhood was happy and I have no regrets. I would say that I was 18 and had about 25 guys under my belt…haha.. When I was 18, I moved out and lived with my aunts, uncle, and cousins. I made the decision to finish school and get a job so that I could be a respectable young girl. This continued for the entire 2 marriages until I met Adam.
Adam was actually my ex spouse’s boss. He would send us very naughty images and I began to believe that he was really freaky. He was hot and I always believed him to be, but he was married so I didnt think much about getting involved with him. I wanted to fuck my boyfriend. I began to flirt and we went on a secret date. While we didn’t fuck each other that night, he made sure I squirted all over his car’s front seat. This was the first time I had ever done it, so it really freaked my out. I couldn’t get enough! Before we got together, the two of us had only talked for about a year. It was not a pleasant conversation. We didn’t mind as we knew we were in love. Adam introduced me to fisting, squirting and many other men to have fun with. While we had fun with other couples, he was more interested me getting fucked.
Adam was a sucker of public nudity. I quickly found myself getting naked at public places and flashing truckers. He was inspired by the beauty of photography. We uploaded them all to a viewer-submitted website that included a nudity section. They would have a contest every two months. Every month, I won the contest. The members section was also more strict. So we submitted photos to this section and I began winning there, as well.
We decided to launch a website together. Adam worked a full-time regular job, so we started out charging a small fee. After being asked, we flew from California to film some movies. After we finished filming, it was decided that we would make our website a full time business. After we became serious about it, it was easy for us to see the results. He quit his job and we were able to have our naughty fun anytime we wanted. I’ve been using the internet ever since September 1999. I’ve been making movies since May 2001.
Im having an amazing time and have the best job. I’m able to have as much fun as I want, and I meet many amazing people. Adam has asked me to get boy toys so that I can play with them even when he’s not around. I wouldn’t have guessed that a small-town girl from south would want to do the same thing as me. Adam had to help me discover my sexiness.
Naughty Alysha has more to offer than just a website. This is Alyshas daily routine. Her site shows you how she lives every day. These details are well transferred to her members area. Her members are aware that she isn’t just an actress who wants to make money. Her audience is varied and continues to return for more. There are two things you can see: cervix play one day, fisting the next.
You might see some creampie action one week, and you can watch her riding a massive dildo another. It is updated multiple times per week with video clips and photo sets in order to increase site retention. Alyshas members are passionate about her, so help them today!
Stats: HEIGHT: 56
WEIGHT: 130-135
HAIR: Blonde Hair
EYES: Sometimes blue, sometimes green eyes

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Savanna Samanthapson is one of my favorite porn stars

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