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26 HD German, Amateur, Solo, Dirty Talk, WebCam, Show videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online! 1280×720
Welcome to my profile. I am Lady Isabella – young, sexy, arrogant, devilish and absolutely horny for money! **BLACKMAIL QUEEN – to me no one comes ran** The status of a pig – I will make clear to you here! There is no escape – I fuck your brain in seconds and take everything without scruples! I love to IGNORE you, laugh at you and humiliate you!!!
Be grateful and glad that I allowed you at all, that you may give me your hard erabeitetes money! That you may go to work for me and that you finally have a purpose in your small, shitty life! BE THANKFUL FOR THAT!! I love cash – I’m horny for money – and I will take everything from you without scruples!well, you will even give it to me voluntarily… because your small, weak brain, will not be able to anyway… because all your blood is already back in your cock, when you stare at my pictures! I am the princess, I get what I want! I am everything – YOU are nothing! You will read my every wish from my eyes – you will put all your money at my feet and you will only go to work for it, so that I hold your bills in my hand! I don’t need you – don’t imagine anything! I have a well-paid job, a nice car and a great apartment! You are every there to beautify my luxury life!


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