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Custom Clip Request I’m a big fan of your clips, I bought almost all of your clips with pantyhose teasing, I’m nylon and CFNM fetishist. I want to know the details of the custom clip. Scene 1: 5 minutes. You are wearing your home clothes, you are going to work. You are a teacher. You can wear minimal make-up and your hair can be lifted up. You will wear dark gray pantyhose 8-10 den and light gray vintage stockings over them, without a rubber insert. You also dress in a clip your red shoes, white blouse, your pencil skirt, if you have another color that’s wonderful, glasses and your jacket from a clip # 355. Scene 2: 3 minutes.

You tease the cameramen, you show your ass in a tightly fitting skirt, your nylon legs. You notice that he (cameramen) is excited from your ass and legs. You decide to stay at home not for long, you sit on the bed, so that your legs cross, you drop one shoe and doing dangling. At the same time you play with cameramen’s cock, you do an edging game, tease with your tongue and your fingers, lick, kiss and sometimes suck his cock. Scene 3: 5-7 minutes. You pull up your skirt up, but do not take it off, and remove one stocking from your leg.

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