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52 german, amateur, blonde, latex, Femdom, Strapon, Rubber, Bondage videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
In this Session, I strapped my rubber object in a swing, with his legs spread wide. To make him even feel more helpless, I decided to add a little sensory deprivation and put an inflatable rubber mask on his head and then pumped it up really good. Making me real horny to see him there strapped, with his legs spread out, I started to work on his hole with my fingers. Of course I couldn’t resist playing around with his nipples and his cock. Another hole which caught my interest was the one in the mask, which was then covered by my hands from time to time. Have a look at how I take my horny, willingly and bent over rubber object nr4 with my huge, black strap-on. How wonderful it is to hear him gasping and moaning quietly. Just when my rubber object thinks that he could nicely recover from his previous treatment in the rubber body bag, I feel even more like abusing his helplessness. After an extensive breath control play with the help of the gas mask, I first of all take a good long piss and let it pour through the opening of the rubber bag, on his cock. Knowing how he is now nicely bathing in my nectar gets me in the mood to administer a proper milking.

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