Zyzzje Sikura & Anna Rose (HD)

Category : ODAY

Zyzzje (29 mins). I’d been horny all day today and was in need of some cock to sort me out, so I was looking forward to the casting this afternoon. In walked a handsome young stud and I felt confident I could get his cock deep inside me. We went through the usual questions and when I mentioned about him trying soft erotica he seemed quite up for the idea. I told him that I had a job for him but I would need to see if he could do it and just like that he agreed to the casting. Somedays it really is as simple as that to get them naked on the couch. I asked him to wank his cock like he would at home and he began tugging on it earnestly. He wasn’t quite getting hard enough and I wanted to feel his cock inside me so I offered to help him out. I knelt in front of him and drew his cock into my hot, wet mouth, sliding my lips around his shaft as I wanked him into my mouth. He was soon rock hard and I lay back on the couch and allowed him to enter my pussy. His cock felt so good and we fucked in a few positions as the feelings of pleasure engulfed my body. My horniness satisfied I wanted to see his orgasm and as a special treat I was going to allow him to cum inside my pussy. As he thrust in and out of me from above, I clamped down on his cock with my pussy and began to milk every last drop of cum from his balls. When his orgasm subsided and he clambered off me, my cameraman caught the moment where a big fat, dollop of man jam came oozing out of my tight hole. It hit the floor with a thud and even I was surprised how much of it there was. He had really filled me up and it was time for him to go, so I could clean myself up and get ready for the next interview.

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