VIPissy – Maddi Black & Sweet Angelina

Category: ODAY

Tattooed hottie Maddi Black has blindfolded her best friend Sweet Angelina for some fun. She picks up some whipped cream from a flan and places it into Angelina’s mouth before Angelina takes off her blindfold and does the same. These gorgeous girls kiss and as Angelina holds a cream covered strawberry underneath Maddi’s pussy, this naughty babe starts to piss all over it! Maddi feeds the strawberry to Angelina and these pissing pornstars continue their kinky food fun as Angelina pees over another strawberry. Once these hotties are naked, Angelina covers Maddi’s pussy with cream and licks her, lapping up as much cream as she can while using her tongue to stroke across Maddi’s clit. Maddi starts to give Angelina some piss in mouth action and these pissing lesbians make quite a mess as they continue their lesbian pee play combined with messy food fun! After pleasuring each other to orgasm, Maddi and Angelina catch their final piss in some glasses and pop a strawberry in before they enjoy some piss drinking!

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