The Dick Suckers – Gracie Gates

Category: ODAY

C. I. M. Cum. In. Mouth. And just look at Gracie Gates, who states from the get-go, “I usually don’t do this sort of thing!” Gracie Gates. Like most of the girls these days, swiping all over the place with these dating apps. Once Gracie sees you’re not a “cat fish”, you know it’s on! “Why don’t you take it out and stroke it for me?” Gracie asks. It doesn’t take long after Gracie’s J.O.E. / J.O.I. session before she’s kicking off her shoes to stay awhile! Nice feet, huh? “I did my toes for you before I got here!” Gracie giggles. Next up is Gracie’s Head Game, which is off the hook. And even though she’s not giving up the cunt cause it’s only her first time over, you know she’s gonna slide it in once or twice. You know. To build your load up! Speaking on that, it’s quite a mouthful! Wow! Enjoy my bro!!

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