Sofia James – First Time For Everything (Full HD)

Category: ODAY

Here we have a white girl who’s never had a white cock. She likes the Sub Saharan sausage-granted, it’s bigger, but rarely ever hard. Today is different. She takes the biggest cock she’s ever had in her life. She was fucked right in the pussy, and right in the ass with a stiff, rock hard pair of dicks. This is her first porno and her first “real” dp, and she took a nut right in the got damn pussy. Before this happened, she took a big dose of yellow discipline, and gulped it all. She yacked up her lunch from a good throat drilling and it was all collected in the whore bowl. She sat there covered with what was in the whore bowl and a vibrator buzzing on her cum filled pussy; and when she began to orgasm, I let loose some more yellow d all over her as she sat there climaxing. She was a completely covered degraded mess. This scene is epic.

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