Real Girls Fuck – Mellanie Monroe

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My friend’s mom, Mellanie Monroe, has the biggest tits and I’ve always had the biggest crush on her. Every time she walked by me in the house, her big ass would bounce up and down, and back and fourth. I could never keep my eyes off of her but I’ve never done anything and I was obviously way younger. One day, I walked into the guest room looking for something and she was laid out on the bed playing with her tight wet pussy. I couldn’t believe it and I had no idea how to react. I’ve never touched a girl, seen a girl like that, or anything. I was immediately throbbing in my pants and she noticed. She sat me down on the bed next to her and taught me how to play with pussy. Starting with rubbing her clit, spitting on it, and sliding my fingers inside of her. She laid me back, obviously anxious, and told me to relax. She pulled my rock hard dick out and spit all over it. She put it all the way down her throat and soaked it in slobber. She played with my balls, stroked it with her feet, and made sure to take extra good care of me.

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