Paige Owens (Full HD)

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Pool day is what teens really look forward to. They got to flaunt their youth with a nice display of outfits and rocking bodies. It’s where their social hierarchy mainly revolves around to after all. Having this thought, step dad understands this. to a reasonable degree. He was ready to take Paige to the pool to meet with her friends but upon seeing the suit she’s gonna wear, it made him completely mad. Paige Owens is wearing a g-string bikini that is see through. Her nipples and pussy hair is visible before she even gets wet. When her step daddy denies Paige what she wants she has an idea. She notices that his cock is getting hard while he is staring at her tiny body and teenage tits. She starts to mock him. Paige accuses her step father of being jealous of all the other boys who get to touch her young body and see her naked. She mocks him as she corners the man of the house. With her Mother on a working vacation, she knows she can have her way with the old man. She makes him a deal. She would take care of his hard cock, and in exchange she will get to wear what she wants. She will get to bring boys over to fuck her teenage pussy after dark. She will be able to do whatever she likes and in exchange he can cum fuck her tight step daughter pussy whenever he’d like. Paige Owens has total control over the situation. She pulls out her step father’s cock and starts to give him a blowjob. She talks dirty to him as she sucks his dick. Paige then stands up and bends over doggy style. She is giving her pussy to her step father from behind. He is in heaven as he fucks the teen. She then rides him cowgirl pov. He admires her tight pussy and bush as she slides her wet hole up and down his thick shaft. Paige turns around and talks dirty while showing her tight teenage ass. She loves to beg and scream, “fuck me” while her step daddy is inside of her. The family members are happy with their new arrangement. Paige opens her legs wide and looks right up at her step daddy while begging him to fuck her pussy. She loves missionary POV sex and it turns her on the most to watch her step dad enjoy himself. When he can’t hold back, he tells Paige to get on her knees so he can shoot his cum all over her teenage face. Paige is a dirty teen slut who is now covered in cum from her step dad.

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