Lilly Hall – Beauty And The Priest E3 (HD)

Category: ODAY

The big day has arrived. Father Rock (Donnie Rock) makes his rounds, greeting the groom, (Charles Dera) and finally Lilly (Lilly Hall). Lilly wants a final lesson to learn how to use her third hole. With the groom in the other room, Father Rock readily agrees to give Lilly what she wants. a lesson in the fine art of anal sex. Lilly begins by showing her priest just how good she has become at sucking cock. Father Rock wastes no time. He guides Lilly into position and then gently eases his cock into her ass. Father Rock pulls is cock out of her ass and stuffs it back into her mouth until she gags. He then enters her butthole from behind and fucks her ass hard. Father Rock guides Lilly onto her back where he fucks her ass as she works her clit to an orgasm. Father Rock continues to pump her ass until he cums and splatters her pussy with his man juice. Lilly is now confident that she is ready for her wedding night.

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