Karma RX (Full HD)

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All women are crazy. Sluts are even crazier but this broad was out of her fucking mind. When I say she likes it rough I’m under exaggerating. She likes it ROUGH! Rough sex is the only way to get her off. She wanted to have me play out a fantasy where I break into her home and do with her as I please so I sure did and hard as fuck too. I snuck into her home, crept up the stairs and grabbed her from behind. She struggled but it did nothing in her favor. I smashed her head into the mattress leaving her round bubble butt high in the sky to show off that tight shaved pussy and asshole. I ripped off her panties, spit on her cunt and began plowing away on that tattoo covered slut. She couldn’t even let out a gasp I fucked her so hard. I threw her down to her knees and made her pray to my cock before I face fucked her with all my might. She deep throated my cock so well I could feel her throat open up like a garage door. It was so hard not to pull out right there and just blow a facial on her. I flipped her back around into missionary so I could stare in her eyes as I choked her into near unconsciousness. I threw my fingers up into that tight asshole as that young pussy bit down on my cock. What a treat. Her eyes were streaming tears of joy as the mascara ran down her cheeks. I proceeded to grab a banana and instruct her to beat herself in the face with it until it became mush. She laid back and I squeezed the banana like a tube of toothpaste down her throat. As she began to choke I used my cock as a battling ram to jam the banana cream down her throat causing further asphyxiation. It was beautiful to see how she just wanted more and more. I slapped her perky fake titties hard as fuck over and over until I left hand prints. She grinned at me with a devilish look that screamed more you fucking pussy so more I did. Finally I flipped her onto her belly again and blew a giant cream pie deep into her snatch.

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