Jenna Marie Jenna Marie & Lowtru (HD)

Category: ODAY

Brotha Lovers is proud to introduce Jenna Marie as the first Brotha Lovers contact star. Jenna is the proud mother of two adorable black babies from two different brothas. She’s one of the prettiest girls in porn and a real life sex addict. She’s 21 years old, 5’7″, 110 lbs, blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, great smile, nice natural titts, big fleshy pussy lips that can handle large black cocks, only 1 tatt and THE prettiest feet in porn. She’s one of the horniest girls we’ve ever seen and can fuck all the time. She got into porn with her black boyfriend when they started their own amateur site Jesse & Daquan in which she hides her identity. She comes from a well to do family but walked away after she fell in love with black cock. Now she’s a full time porn star raising two beautiful black babies. She does a little escorting on the side with rich white cuckolds to help her pay her bills, but she only dates black men in her personal life. She grew up in Florida where she was cheerleader in high school and dated the black athletes. She was known by everyone in her school as black cock slut. She told us she’s been a “player” from way back and always cheats on her black boyfriends with other black guys. She loves all the stares she gets when walks through the shopping mall with her black babies and she’s not on birth control and wants to have more!

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