Jasmine Grey, Rocky Emerson Head Etiquette with Jasmine Grey and Rocky Emerson (Full HD)

Category: ODAY

It may be a bit old fashioned, but Jasmine Greys parents want her to learn how to behave like a proper lady. That is where Rocky Emerson comes in. She is the tight ass in charge of the etiquette school Jasmine is attending, and she does not take any nonsense. When Jasmine struggles to sit with good form, Rocky rips her shirt right off her back. Buttons fly everywhere, and Jasmine is scared of what will happen next. Rocky pulls out a leather riding crop and proceeds to punish Jasmine with a sexy whipping. Then she makes the young lady eat her muff to teach her what a real woman tastes like. Soon, Jasmine starts to enjoy the taste of her teachers juices. Looks like Jasmine will not mind a little extra homework after all!

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