Hitzefrei – Lullu Gun

Category: ODAY

The arrogant influencer Lullu is on her way to get something to eat: a German curry-sausage would suit her appetite. Since she is celebrating herself, she doesn’t want to pay for food of course. Unfortunately, the charming curry-sausage salesman isn’t very comprehensive. Lullu is seriously offended! When the seller explains that he offers only vegan sausages, she is losing her shit! But the seller has a very special sausage in his pants! 100% meat from Germany! And this sausage can’t wait to stuff Lullu’s mouth … Fortunately, the special sausage seems to be simply irresistible! So the seller is not only allowed to fuck Lullu’s dripping wet pussy, but also her tight asshole. Finally, Lullu got a vegan curry-sausage on top – for free.

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