Clea Gaultier (Full HD)

Category: ODAY

Time for a workout in today’s pissing porn scene here on Pee on Her as gorgeous brunette babe Clea is doing squats with a kettlebell trying to get a certain guys attention. While he lifts weights, we notice that Clea holds onto her crotch and appears to need to pee. She walks over to her target and pulls off her leggings, revealing the most perfect, pert ass you can ever imagine! Standing over him, Clea starts to piss over his top, soaking him through with her golden juices. She helps him out of his gym gear and gets herself completely naked before getting on the floor and kneeling while taking his hard cock in her mouth. Clea works it well, giving a handjob at the same time as sucking. Afterwards, Clea kneels up and gets pee on tits as she welcomes these golden showers with open arms. It feels like a refreshing cool down after such a hard workout! With the blowjob still on Clea’s mind, she takes his cock as deep into her throat as she possible can before bending over doggystyle on the weights bench to get fucked. Clea turns over and lays on her back while taking more golden showers and this time some of her guys pee even hits her mouth, letting her taste his juices. Gorgeous Clea goes from pussy to mouth, and back to her pussy again with his cock and then performs an impressive piss as she sits back on his stomach with him lifting her crotch and her pissing pussy is angled into the air. Eager to please, Clea gets on her knees once more and takes a facial over her stunning face before all of that cum is washed off with one final spray of pee!

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