Ashley Fires Fetish Clips presents Ashley Fires in Never Saw it Cumming

Category: ODAY

He was told he would be rewarded if he served his Mistress well. He was promised a Handjob he would not forget. He got more then he bargained for. He is restrained as Mistress Fires starts off very slow and sensuous. She teases him with her ass as she increases her pace. He can barely contain himself. She tells him to cum and like that he does. A lot! She talks to him as she decreases her jerking. And without warning she starts to increase her stroking. He looks very confused and scared. He doesn’t know what to do or say. On one hand, Mistress is touching him and on the other it is really uncomfortable. She continues to jerk him and now he begs her to stop and even tries to stop it himself but it was no use. Mistress finally stops her post orgasm stoking and let him know that everything will be fine and he is a good slave. Then once again she starts stroking and laughs as she increase her pace as he cries in pain! Poor slave was so happy with the thought of a hot Handjob by Mistress, he never saw this coming!

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