318  videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

The hot babes on this site don’t want to go home after a wild night of drinking and dancing. They want to find a cock to suck on and maybe even fuck! Watch as pretty babes suck and fuck Jim, the cameraman. If seeing amateur coeds getting naughty is your thing, you’ll love what you see, but given that there isn’t much of it you won’t stick around for long. This site is a new experiment by me (Jim). About 9 years ago now, I started my other site, out of my dorm room at college. I still run the site, and love documenting college party girls showing off their hot bodies in public. But, I recognized a long time ago, that some of the girls that I film are down to do alot more than just show their bodies!… And so, I am launching this site. To show what really happens behind the closed doors at all the parties that I attend. I am a professional partier, and this site is completely REAL. I do pay the girls, but only to make the contract that I have them sign legally binding. These girls are sucking and fucking me on their own. All These videos are Homemade by me! I hope you don’t see your girlfriend on here!
The party keeps raging on with these horny coeds. Follow the sexual exploits of a cameraman named Jim, who hooks up with horny college girls after the party is over where they give him sexy stripteases, messy blowjobs and lots of hot sex. What happens when the party’s over? Well, it doesn’t end for these college coeds who keep partying after the festivities have ended and most of the guests have gone home. After Hours Exposed has Jim the cameraman and his team documenting babes getting naughty when he takes them back to his hotel room. From the creator of the excellent Nebraska Coeds comes a site called After Hours Exposed. This is a site that shows you the stuff that they never showed you on the first site because it was too rude for a softcore and modelling website! The guy is still working on the original site after many many years but this one was established for girls and models who are prepared to go that little bit further on their videos and galleries – so expect hardcore action that you would not want to see your girlfriend in!
So this is a brand new venture from the same people who made one of the better genuine amateur sites that I’ve seen since I started reviewing porn sites. It’s fair to say I was pretty much looking forward to seeing After Hours Exposed then but it is fair to warn everyone that this is a completely brand new site and this is therefore reflected in the amount of content on the site. Really, this is a review of the potential that the site has more than anything. So far, all of the videos are shot from a POV perspective with lucky Jim in the hotseat as ex-girlfriends, former friends from college and just random girls from university queue up to give him something to remember on camera. Actually, it became obvious over the course of the videos that the vast majority of the action was related to blowjobs only so if you like some cocksucking this site will definitely suit you. The girls are hot, the videos are pretty high quality, and it’s shaping up well!

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