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Pretty young, petite girl from school next door who is really into fantasy taboo sex! That’s about it. It all began a while back, when I found my Daddys laptop unlocked and many hardcore bdsm links on porn websites. I was hooked. I wanted to be like them, you may laugh at my small boobs and skinny booty but here I am. I guess one side of me is still a young girl, I love coloring in and watching Disney Cartoons, but I also love cock, I mean really love it and being naughty to make men get hard. I prefer older men. My performing partner (30 years older .) is old enough for me to call him my real Daddy but more of a Daddy Dom. We tried bdsm and pictures but the men prefer to see me as Taboo Girl. It’s because I look so innocent and young. So I believe in giving men what they want, recently Ive been playing in diapers, but mostly I love being nude and my pussy shaved. I have long hair, especially under my arms, as well as very long toes.

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