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Hello Stranger! ♡ I am Luna. I am 21 years old and live together with my cat, named Princess Leya, near Hannover. I’m currently working from home and do the sales and customer support for a small web page. Suuper exciting, I know. I love everything that glitters, unicorns and son typical girls stuff just. But I’m not typical in every way girl and would not call me as a chick or conceited. I rarely do make-up. I have a little idea of cars and I’m just learning to drift. My friends would probably call me clumsy and sweet, which I usually deny but there’s a lot of it. I never thought to shoot such videos, but the longer I do it, the more I like it and I really enjoy it. I am sexually very open and willing to exchange with you if you want to know more about my secret fantasies. In my free time, I’m either out in the nature with a good book or in front of my computer / Ps4 my gamble.
Most LoL, Fortnite and GTA5 but also much else. I also enjoy reading and watching animes. And one of my favorite things is eating unhealthy stuff.
Since I’m very young I have a desire for a breast augmentation with autologous fat so it looks quite natural afterwards. Maybe you help me achieve this goal? If you would write to me, I would be very happy too! Of course, I expect a certain courtesy and respect, but if that is the case, I am willing to meet you! Of course, meetings may be possible, but certainly not after we have exchanged three words. Sorry that the text is so confused and terribly long but I always want to tell way too much at once. If you still have questions or requests for videos, or just want to get to know me, feel free to contact me! best regards, Luna!


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