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A trip to Thailand will likely take you on a rickshark and a ride with a horny Asian woman. This site shows you both by having a guy bring hotties back to his hotel to fuck them raw after driving them there in his tuk-tuk (a motorized richshaw). Thailand is world famous as a sex tourism hot spot. Not only are Thai women irresistibly gorgeous, they’re horny as hell. This site has sweet candid videos featuring average American guys picking up real Thai women and having sex with them. Everyone has heard of the wonders of Thailand, from the stunning views to the sexually adventurous women. Well, Tuk Tuk Patrol is bringing the sexy Thai women right to you without any need for a passport. Watch as a tourist fucks his way around the country, meeting beautiful amateur girls from around Thailand and you get to come along for the ride.

Checking out this Asian porn collection is like taking a trip to Thailand. A white guy named John scours Thai streets to meet local girls he can take back to his room for sex. He films the action POV and all of the videos download in 1080p. Updates are a bit slow and the collection doesn’t come with any bonus content, but the scenes are unique and authentic. A lot of porn sites try to convince you that the hookups are real, but just like reality TV, you can’t help feeling that they stage them. On Tuk Tuk Patrol you’ll get the sense right away that everything is 100% authentic. I think you’ll be impressed by the raw tourist sex on this Asian porn site.

A white guy named John shoots (most of) the scenes, so you’ll feel like you’re the one exploring Thailand, on the hunt for beautiful locals. After meeting a Thai girl (often at the mall), he chats her up and invites her to his room. Once there, he convinces her to pose in some sexy outfit and then get naked. It’s not long before she’s sucking his dick and soon after they fuck. In one scene, they even have a threesome with a Black guy. I think that Tuk Tuk Patrol always had plenty of potential as a site and I think the increase in updates have really helped this in becoming a very good site indeed. The movies are also now in 1080p high definition and are available to download too now. The scenes that are here and the galleries that are here are very good, and the girls are also seemingly some very good discoveries.

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