133 FULL HD videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

All scenes feature male performer Karl Toughlove, with one or two female partners. He is usually very dominant in the scenes, and some might be called rough sex, with some bondage elements in addition to the usual fucking and oral.
The first mistake most men make is giving women what they want, not what they really fucking need. In order to be a professional man pleaser, a slut needs to be properly trained, whether they know it or not. After all, a well trained slut is a happy slut, in my book. Join me on my weekly mission, to help women everywhere reach their full slut potential. Sign up for free and enjoy behind the scenes footage, hardcore pussy plundering, and previews of my upCUMing sessions. So kick back, unbuckle, and get a grip on the ToughLove technique. Be careful, you might learn something useful.
ToughLoveX has different series, all featuring the mustachioed macho man himself. There’s “Dr. Karl” where he plays a therapist and the cure is always his dick. As you might be able to tell from the name, “Father Karl” has the dude dressing up as a priest to perform “sexorcisms” on girls who need a good fucking. No matter what series you’re watching, though, the storylines are usually over the top and comical and Karl never breaks character. He fucks girls, sometimes more than one, hard and makes them slobber on his dick too. He knows what he wants and he’s training these girls to give it to him right! Charles Dera is a pornstar who’s recognizable from any number of top sites, but on Tough Love X, he adopts the persona of Karl, who has a mustache that would make Burt Reynolds (RIP) jealous. He also loves mirrored aviator sunglasses and smoking cigars, so he oozes machismo, which works perfectly with his role as a stern but loving and accepting lover. After all, his “tough love” philosophy is to give women what they need rather than what they think they want.
Tough Love X is a hardcore site where women are not just given a fucking, they are trained in understanding what a man needs from them when they are fucking their boyfriend, husband or even client. They come under the tutelage of Karl, a self-proclaimed feminist who is not here to give them what they need, but he is here to make sure that they reach their “full slut potential”. Tough Love X is, as you can see from the amount of content on board here, a brand new site so at this stage it’s pretty hard to define its strengths and weaknesses. Its setup is interesting – I’m assuming that the ‘feminism’ claims are meant to be tongue-in-cheek and I think once you realize that then you can enjoy this site for what it is. It’s a fairly rough hardcore site and doesn’t really pretend to be anything other than that once you get into it. Tough Love X is a site that does have some great videos behind it already and would appear to be shaping up to be a very good site. The site has grown very nicely and built up a decent archive since our initial review when the site was very new. This site has very premium stuff and the videos are absolutely excellent quality.


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