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129 HD, Barely,  Teen, Solo, Masturbation, Posing, Babe, POV, JOI, Dildo, Vibrator, Small Tits, Softcore, Toys videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Hey I’m Lola. Thanks for coming to my site. I love to flirt and I love to get a little naughty so doing this site was a perfect fit for me. So far I have had an amazing time, experimenting trying new things and OH YA I get to have lots of orgasms lol I love getting off! almost as much as I love to go shopping hehehe. Ok here is some more info about me, so you can decide if I am fuckable or even jackoffable for that matter **giggles** I am 19 years old I am 5′ 5″ and weigh about 86 Lbs. I have a petite frame and tiny little boobies, but I really like them! they are just perfect for me 🙂 My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite food is cookies. I have a allot of fun making sexy photos, but I think making naughty videos is the best. Making video is how I met my new best friend “The Magic Wand” OMFG You will see it allot in my videos I am addicted to it lol. There have been times where I feel like I am about to pass out when getting off it feels so good. wow just typing about it got me wet, weird! Well … So what do you think? Am I fuckable? I think you and I are about to have allot of fun together. I want to be your personal little fuck doll. I’ll Be waiting, but hurry I am so horny right now and need someone to masturbate with – Lola

Lola is such a hottie that you’ll definitely want to fuck her. But she doesn’t actually have sex on her site. Instead, she does things like simulate a blowjob using a dildo. She also uses a dildo to tell you how she wants you to stroke your dick as she gives you JOI. And you will see her masturbate. She may be called Fuckable Lola, but you won’t actually see Lola being fucked on her individual model site. In fact, her collection is a totally solo affair, but luckily she does know how to work the camera. And she isn’t afraid to employ sex toys as stand-ins for the lack of human costars. For example, you will get to see her demonstrate her blowjob skills on a rather realistic dildo complete with molded plastic balls that she has suction-cupped to a tile floor. The scene is shot POV style and she tells you to imagine that it’s your dick before she goes down on it. As a nice touch, she wears crimson-red lipstick that leaves a nice ring around the fake cock. She also has quite a few scenes where she employs a wand vibrator that she holds against her clit. Normally, she applies the sex toy directly to her joy button, but sometimes she stimulates it through the crotch of her panties. She sometimes resorts to manual stimulation and fingers herself by hand – the good old-fashioned way. She also gives JOI while wearing a strapon, telling you how to beat your meat.


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