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I am a mother of four, married to my lover boy ever since the ’80s, After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of B_. Promotion 1989, I’ve spent a decade as (mostly) a divorce lawyer until my career got completely derailed into mothering. Yes, I am a housewife now!
Why Do I Pose Nude? Time before, prudishness did not allow me to talk in public about sex and even less about pornography. But that was then, decades ago. Now is now: I can talk about sex and I can pose nude or let my lovemaking filmed and distributed over the web. Many people cannot speak openly about their sexual fantasies and frustrations. I used to be one of them. Not anymore!
Playing in Your Erotic Dreams. Here you are! – gazing at my exposed corner of genuine romantic porn! I am a mature housewife and I take pleasure to play in your erotic dreams. I enjoy showing my nudity and lovemaking on the web. Still, my life is more, much more, than sex. I pose naked for the camera. I make love in front of the camera. I cook naked with a camera pointed at me. I do chores in the nude with that camera nosing after my buttocks. I relax, sunbathe, get massaged, take a shower or a hot bath with rose petals, I even sleep while allowing the curious little devices in my hubby’s hands to snap the seconds and share them out over the digital universe. And here you come, eager to fascinate yourself, in all comfort. Be my guest! Oh, did I mention that I love gardening too? And that… but I’d rather let you DISCOVER! 🙂

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