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Welcome to my DayDream World. I am so very happy that you decided to join me and help me to create a special day dream that is just for us. See all my daydreams. Enjoy the dream I’ve created for you. IN DEEP I love to have fun and hate hanging out with depressing people! I also love sexy things like lingerie. My dislikes: Rude people. The quality I seek in a man is: A knight in shining armour! I admire Gallantry, Charm and Caring. One quality I wish a woman had is honesty, truth and integrity. My friends appreciate this most: Honesty. Loyalty. Loyalty. The person I would like to be: Me! Where I would most like to live: I want to travel around the world! What I hate the most: Rude Selfish People
Natures gift I would most like to have: I think I have the best that nature has to offer dont you? How I would love to die: Never dying!
Full Name Agnetis Miracle
My Breast Size 32KK. This is all a woman really needs.
Polish is my native tongue
My Birth City: Warsaw
My Shoe Size Is 8 / 39
My breast size: 32KK/70L
My Pant Size:12
My Shirt Size is Large
My Natural Hair Colour: Blond
My Eye Colour: Blue
My Weight: A Lady Never Says
My Height: 57
My Birthdate: June 5th, 1990
My Horoscope Sign: Gemini
My Favorite Dream Car: 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL
My Favorite TV Show: None
My Favorite Movie: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
My Favorite Shoes: High Heeled Pumps
My Favorite Meal is Anything Romantic
My Favorite Sport: Skiing
My Favorite Hobby/Pastimes: Reading, Skiing, Music
My Persian Cats:

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