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One of the most famous french porn sites. French webcams, French porn videos, French whatever. This site is unique and worth visiting if you are Frenchman, or can translate well. If you don’t speak French, you can just click the thumbs. But most videos won’t be understandable to you. Jacquie et Michel is a legend on French soil. With songs in their own image, miscellaneous items (T-shirts, sunglasses, caps…) and even burgers to their name! Jacquie et Michel is a must. But before all this showbiz fuss, Jacquie et Michel is mostly sex. The good, the true, the authentic porn. With Jacquie et Michel, amateur porn is taken very seriously. Here you can find everything to relax. Duos. Threesomes. Group sex. Sex is perfect for everyone. You’ll find various locations: a classic sofa, a car, a showbiz club, the street, any place is good to do some good. Plenty of blowjobs. Vaginal and anal penetrations. Massive ejaculations on those gorgeous bodies. Plenty of babes each hotter than the last.

Jacquie Et Michel is an amateur site full of loads of amazing amateurs and a shit load of content from said amateurs. While this site may not be the perfect porn site that I am searching for by doing these porn reviews, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my time on Jacquie Et Michel and it doesn’t mean that this is a shit amateur site either. In fact, Jacquie Et Michel is actually a damn fine amateur site. The fact is that most amateur porn sites like this one lock you out of most of the content, so it is lovely to be able to go on Jacquie Et Michel and see all of the porn offerings. Jacquie Et Michel reminds me of an amateur porn forum, but also a porn tube site because it gives you complete bloody access to all of the porn. So, I have to say that that I have been impressed with Jacquie Et Michel so far, but as I said, this site isn’t perfect. Let’s delve into this site and start off this porn review on a sour note, shall we?

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