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We’re Saffron and Dennis Bacchus and we’re starting a Fun Sensual Porn Revolution! We want to change how the world thinks about porn, and we’re very excited to welcome you to our Bacchus Entertainment network! I met Dennis on OKCupid in September 2010, when I was just 18, and from the moment we met we’ve been inseparable! After just 3 dates, I basically moved in, because we both realized even then that we’d found our perfect match! We just couldn’t keep our hands off each other! We got married in December 2012 and have been living in wedded bliss ever since! Though we’ve both always been very sexual, hedonistic people (I always loved flirting with boys in high school, and Dennis was the consummate ladies’ man when I met him!), being in the sex industry didn’t occur to us as a career path. I’d had fantasies of being a Las Vegas show girl, the idea of being sexually desired by so many turned me on, but I kept that as a secret and did what society expected of me and went to school. I love food, I love feeding others, to me it’s just another way to show love, much like giving a blowjob, so I became a chef! I went to cooking and pastry school and got a job as a head pastry chef of a small restaurant. It was a good job, but I was never able to be as creative as I wanted to be, and I never liked working for someone else. Meanwhile, Dennis pursued engineering because he thought it would eventually allow him to build and create things. He had a great job at a start-up engineering company, but just before Christmas in 2013 the start-up went bankrupt and left Dennis without a job. That turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us! Dennis and I had gone to a Sexapaloosa show and I remembered seeing an ad for Cam4 saying that women and couples could make money for having sex on camera. We’d already been going to sex clubs for our own exhibitionist fun, but we had never dared before to post our sex lives to the internet! It was equally scary and exciting logging on to cam that first time! Our first day in the business was January 1st 2014 and we told ourselves that it would only be until Dennis found a new job. It wasn’t long until we found out about Clips4Sale and other clip sites where we could make actual videos and sell them instead of just live camming. So we started filming videos and for the first time in our lives we were having FUN working! We got to have sex, actually be creative and we quickly started to make money that rivaled our normal jobs’! We realized then that this is what we were truly passionate about so Dennis stopped looking for work altogether and we’ve been on this crazy porn adventure ever since! Since making porn we’ve come to realize that something that most mainstream porn lacks is sensuality! I’ve always loved giving Dennis long, slow sensual blowjobs, and I enjoy just as much to receive Dennis’ passionate love! Sex is FUN and I want our porn to reflect that! We’re living our best sex life and we want to inspire others to do the same! We want to offer something more than just raw, rough sex like you see in mainstream porn – our porn is lighthearted, fun, quirky, sex positive, passionate, erotic, and above all REAL and enjoyable for both us as creators and (we hope) you as viewers! I hope to make you feel a part of the Bacchus family – we film mostly in POV so you can join in on our hedonistic sex life! We’re always working towards making bigger and better videos, trying to make our videos look as professional as possible! We aim to make porn that feels as natural as raw amateur porn, but with the quality of mainstream production! We want to spread the message that the porn industry doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been- independently created porn can be just as high quality, and you can feel good about knowing that the creators had just as much fun making it as you do watching it!


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