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Ingrid loves to submit to older gentlemen. She loves to please them by kneeling in front of them and taking their cocks in his cute mouth. She sucks them hard, she rides his cock and enjoys hot cum over her mouth and lips. She then goes to the toilet and washes the sperm off her cute face. Do you find it sexy when a girl smokes? Well, that’s just one of the acts that Ingrid, the model showcased here, does. In fact, she puffs away on a cigarette between sucks on a hard cock. Most of her footage comes in Full HD and updates are frequent, so even if her collection isn’t huge, it won’t take long for it to grow to an even more appealing size. Her name is Ingrid and she’s indeed a Sexy Dirty Girl with her dark brown hair and eyes. After all, this little lady puts on quite the show! She appears solo, showing off her naked body while smoking, masturbating or even peeing, and she also gives head to and has sex with her chubby male lover. She always seems serious, because she hardly ever cracks more than the slightest of grins. She also might not come across as the most impassioned performer, at times rubbing and fondling herself in a rather arbitrary and stiff fashion. Still, she’s a real cutie even if she sometimes appears to just go through the motions rather than being fully invested in her SexyDirtyGirl persona. I kind of realized what was going on, though, when I noticed something in one of her sex scenes with her gentleman friend that took place in a rather long, narrow bathroom. There’s a tablet set up so that they can see what the camera is filming. So I think that when she seems distracted, it’s because she has her eye on what’s happening at all times. It would make me behave rather robotically too, I imagine.

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