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197 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

This site features a whole lot of lovely Asian women. These beauties appear in a variety of hot scenes. There are a few reasons I find the kinds of babes on Asian Candy Shop so sticky, sweet and delicious. For one thing, these girls, most of whom are Thai, tend to be petite and that makes any guy feel large and manly. Second, even if they look innocent and demure at first blush, they turn out to be powerhouses when it comes to the boudoir. Lastly, these beauties have an exotic allure that your average girl-next-door might be lacking (unless you live in Asia, of course). Debauchery with no rhyme or reason, top-flight Asian models with no moral qualms!
Asian porn? Yes please, but as long as it’s of decent quality. Sometimes we are total suckers for these lovely Asians, but then again we really want to avoid all these crappy sites with skanky Asian sluts you would need a gallon of booze to find attractive. We want pretty girls, we want diverse uncensored action, we want to enjoy things, not try to navigate our way through some shitty member area which is falling apart. Here, Asian Candy Shop seems to come in handy. This new place cares for the needs of those who want that extra bit of quality in their Asian erotica. Check the tour to see what we mean. Asian Candy Shop has a tour which doesn’t really have a super fancy design. Instead, your attention is seamlessly focused on the previews. No video trailers here, but the images in the sample sets are big, juicy, and very mouth-watering. See, the candy shop magic is working already! Hell, if the actual content is as packed with petite Asian cuties who look good no matter what they’re doing, stripping or getting a facial, we’re going to become lifelong fans of Asian Candy Shop.

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