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350 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

It was my idea to show men (or boys?) that they can have sex on video. You are not able to have sex with cameras! Perhaps the best description of this is “challenge”. Any one of you, amateur or porn performer, trying to show the best of your abilities, to see if youre able to perform in front of me, with me, and inside of me…! There are many things you can do. Anyone can enter the challenge, provided they have balls. Let’s see my scenes!

Do you have what it takes to have sex on camera? Is it your dream to one day become a famous male porn star? If so, then head on over to Melone Challenge where your dick will be put to the test! Competitors have 30 minutes to prove that they can fuck on camera without getting shy. This means performing in front of, with and inside the fabulous star of the site. Let’s see if you have what it takes.
MeloneChallenge presents Czech porn star Mea Melone who believes that most men don’t have what it takes to have sex on camera and that the majority will fail the challenge. It makes for some interesting casting porn. Contestants are required to fill out a form where they state their sexual orientation, self-rating, why they’re signing up, number of sexual conquests and whether or not they believe they will meet the challenge.

There’s something exciting about watching a hot porn star babe fuck real world guys like you and me, and it’s even more exciting when she gives you a chance to contact her and actually fuck her on camera for a future update. Mea is a babe and these HD hardcore scenes are as entertaining as they are hot.
Every guy thinks they have what it takes to bang a hot pornstar on camera, but it’s one thing to talk the talk and another to walk the walk. Melone Challenge gives them a chance to walk the walk. From regular guys to pornstars, she gives them all a chance to fuck her and show off their ability to perform – or fall flat on their face in failure.

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