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Uk Escorts ,videos, reviews and escort photos showing how they perform along with punternet style escort review and field reports on each working girl. Welcome to the site where you can see how it feels to be fucked by real UK escorts. Real Punting has the UK’s best escort directories. I showcase the best Escorts, then fuck and film them. Then, you can watch the videos. But it doesnt stop there. The Escort you just witnessed get fucked can be contacted to arrange a private session.
Real Punting is a site out of the UK. “Punting” is the act of banging an escort, for those that don’t know, and here a horny English lad films himself banging all sorts of hot escorts from all over the UK. It seems like we get to see what it’s like to hire, talk to and then fuck an escort via these very real, amateur porn flicks. With promises of HD videos and real escorts I’m pretty eager to get inside and check things out. As you’ve no doubt gleamed by now, this site is all about fucking UK Escorts. Specifically about one horny guy that has, by now, fucked just about all of the escorts in all of England! He captures each encounter with photos and HD videos. We meet the escort first, chat her up, then see her get naked or pose in some kinky costumes.
The sex isn’t terribly inventive in any way, but that’s not what makes this site so alluring. That would be owed to the entire concept driving each scene. I doubt there’s a man walking the earth that hasn’t wondered what it’d be like to call up an escort and get laid by her. Some of us have done it, others have come close, surfing websites and maybe even picking up a phone to dial. Most of us, however, chicken out at the last second or for one reason or another don’t go through with it. It remains a mysterious and extremely erotic fantasy. Now we can live out that fantasy thanks to this website.This site offers real escorts showing off their talents in the sexual arena while they’re pleasing a client. There’s a good amount and the guy gives you the low-down after it all happens. The quality is up there as well. It’s a little pricey, though. RealPunting is a British reality porn site, so they use different terms. The punting refers to fucking escorts and the “real” means, well, that they’re real escorts. This is a good site, so it’s not surprising that they won the 2006 U.K. Adult Film Award for Best Reality Film!
If you’ve never fucked an escort before but you’re curious then you might want to stop by Real Punting. The site features real British escorts getting fucked and filmed as an advertisement of their services and a pleasure for the audience members at home. These are real girls; you can even contact them when you become a member and book a session. Some of them aren’t even willing to show their faces in the movies, which only enhances the sexiness of it for me. That’s how you know they’re not faking it. Real Punting is yet another brilliantly imagined and executed porn site with exciting action. Genuine English escorts are hired and fucked on film. Their contact info is given in case you want a date. They do a wonderfully lusty job of getting guys off and they hopefully get you off. Aside from some of the women being a bit ugly it’s a site without an obvious, show-stopping flaw.

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