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Arizona and California Dominatrix Mistress Karin von Kroft has passion for BDSM and Female domination. She has a dungeon in Tucson Arizona where she offers erotic, sensual domination for submissive men. She likes high heels discipline with spanking and bondage.

Dom Karin is the official website of the world-renowned and high class dominatrix Mistress Karin von Kroft. Her main love is to tease weak men and use them as sex toys for her pleasure. She shoots all of her content in her dungeon in Tucson, Arizona.  She particularly specialises in denial routines and although she loves to watch men squirt their cum for her viewing pleasure, but they’re going to have to work very hard to please her first. But she is an absolute genius at all manner of domination subjects! This is a domination site that actually appears, certainly at the outset, to be less reliant on normal BDSM and domination aspects than you usually get. This isn’t all about leather, whips and chains, and Mistress Karin has clearly perfected the fine art of torturing people without the need for props. It makes for some particularly fascinating videos, but the photo galleries are superb too. Being as sexy and beautiful as she is, she does the right thing in shooting lots of solo galleries as well. Keep an eye out for extra guest galleries and stories as well.

This Mistress likes to titillate, humiliate and torture, but not necessarily in that order. Under her stern gaze slaves are subject to domination and harsh punishments, like getting pegged, being forced to eat ass, having her pee in their mouths, CBT, whippings and spankings. Too bad, this action comes in average-looking content that’s not worth recommending. Dominate, humiliate, hurt and torture. No, it’s not my to-do list for today, but it may well be Mistress Karin Von Kroft’s. She advertises herself as being “world class” in domination and you can find out if she’s telling the truth on her site Dom Karin. The members’ page on DomKarin is white and a little boring – website style does not seem to be a priority. Navigation, however, is simple. After choosing “members” from the left-hand list, just click one of the red links at the top of the page to reach the pictures, videos and stories housed there. Dom Karin was a tremendous domination site that was probably a bit less whip-cracking than you would normally expect from such a site, but it makes it no less an entertaining effort. The sheer variety in the different themes of content is quite exceptional too.

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