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GaggingWhores – Brutal, no mercy, throat fucking. Cocks so thik they puke! The brutal cock ram makes them GAG everytime. Sabrina is first and foremost a whore…a whore with a big mouth. Our boys wasted no time in shutting that yap up by forcefully shoving their cocks down their throat and treating her tonsils like a punching bag. Monica got the ‘special treatment’ from our boys today as they spared no mercy on this filthy whore. They stuffed her throat with their abusive cocks and didnt let up until she started to choke. Gagging Whores is all about hardcore tonsil fucking. The sluts suck the guy’s cock and they are so thick and long that the girls puke and gag on the dick! Their eyes water really bad and streak their makeup. Their spit gets thick and slippery. The guys even try to show the girls how to try not to gag by pinching their noses. The guys fuc their faces and make the girls choke bad on their cocks. Gagging Whores is for those of you who get off on seeing women choke on multiple dicks being savagely shoved too far down their throats. These women start off all nice and pretty, but by the end of the scene they look like skanky whores who’ve had way too much cock. Members can sink their teeth in over 40 exclusive episodes, and pictures of amateur models getting their throats treated as though it were here pussy! Well the content is as extreme as I’d guessed they would be. Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure fans of the niche will really get into the episodes as they’re of good quality. Content numbers are fairly average, and updates are coming in slowly but surely, in all fairness though they do offer exclusive episodes, so it’s not all bad. Besides members have a whole network of great sites to check out while waiting for new episodes, so at the end of the day, you get your money’s worth.

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