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Anal Cum Junkies is a name of the site I got the wrong idea about at first. I thought I’d see loads of anal cream pies but in the end it occurred that the action involved hardcore anal sex ending in a woman swallowing a sultry shot in the mouth. Hmm… or maybe it’s my fantasy not the name of the site that is misleading? Anal Cum Junkies has a great potential but needs more content and Meat Members is a huge network that’s well worth the price of membership! So if you’re into intense action involving hardcore anal sex ending in a woman swallowing a sultry shot in the mouth then this site is the one for you!

Sexy chicks takes cock deep in their asses and have their horny lovers blow a massive wad of ball batter. Anal Cum Junkies is a name misinterpreted by me initially. I thought I’d see loads of anal creampies, as if to say the asses were addicted to the man juice rather than the chicks themselves craving it. It made logical sense at the time but in retrospect, it’s my imagination not the title that is misleading. In the end (so many puns, so little time), the action involves anal sex ending in a woman swallowing a load in the mouth, not the butt. After the creampie website trend took off it was only a matter of time before this spinoff niche would be cracked open. The guys at meatmembers are one of the first to offer a site specializing in chicks having their asses pumped full of more goo than a hostess cupcake. When you travel a lot you get used to packing your suitcase and you know just how much will fit in it. Still, sometimes you go away and buy a lot of things during your trip so the flight home leaves your suitcase overstuffed. The women on this website are like suitcases with torn zippers and a shirt sleeve hanging out of them as they get dumped on the baggage carousel.

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