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Welcome all, to Dragginladies.com.
This site showcases our take on female smokers or what we call Smoking Fetish, the titillation obtained in watching a beautiful woman smoke (in this case mostly long luxurious all white cigarettes). Did you ever find yourself looking at a girl smoke cigarettes from across a bar (when you could still smoke in a bar), captivated every time she’d take a deep inhale, amazed when she’d blow out a thick stream of smoke? If so, chances are you are have the smoking fetish. Have you ever had an occasion to stare at girls who smoke? How they take a deep drag and let out puffs of thick cigarette smoke? If it takes your breath away, then this film is for you. The girls aren’t just smoking, they’re smoking and fucking hard. And one of the smokers is so cruel that she burnt the head of her partner’s penis with her cigarette.
Draggin Ladies is regarded by many as the premier smoking fetish on the internet, where a huge selection of gorgeous women, from amateur models to professional pornstars, light up. The various worldwide smoking bans haven’t perturbed these ladies and if you like the seductiveness of a hot and naked woman smoking a cigarette, you’re unlikely to find a bigger site than this.
Back in the eighties, there was an anti smoking campaign called Dragon Lady that featured a catchy tune and Robin Givens puffing on a cigarette. The premise was that cigarette smoking was gross and you would never get laid. Unfortunately for them, Robin looked ravishingly hot and the message was definitely lost on men that love to see a sexy chick smoking. DragginLadies.com is dedicated to the fetishists that love watching a hot chick sucking on smoke. Watching them get eaten, banged and sexually satisfied while they dangle a lit cigarette in their luscious lips is definitely something that will make fans happy.
There are over 15 girls featured on DragginLadies.com and they come in all shapes sizes, colors and body types. You can search for your favorite model by name, video or gallery, and there are specific search criteria that really help you find the exact scenario you want to see. Unlike some fetish sites that only dabble in the actual fetish they are promoting, DragginLadies.com makes sure the smoking is forefront in every scene and not just an added bonus. The videos aren’t the highest quality and most of the scenes take place on boring soundstages, but they are decently shot and there is plenty of material to enjoy. The girls really know how to put out and take a draw from their smokes in between long licks of the cocks they are offered.
Since this is a fetish site, there isn’t too much variety to the action and the coloring and lighting on the videos isn’t the best, but the well shot photo galleries are a nice addition. The clips can be streamed or downloaded, but they aren’t supper well organized so finding the right ones may be a bit of a challenge. All of the content is exclusive to the site and most of the women you won’t find anywhere else. The girls are sexy even though they aren’t necessarily the hottest babes on the net, and they definitely know how to put on a great show.
Draggin Ladies has been around for quite some time now but it has continued to improve pretty dramatically over the few years it’s been around and will hopefully continue to do so.
The trick of being able to persuade some really big name pornstars to feature on this independent site is quite some feat, and this is a site that no admirer of the smoking female should miss out on.

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