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Welcome to “Shiny Dolls” home to the hottest girls in spandex and tight shiny clothing. If you love shiny fetish clothing you will love our site. We all know how intoxicating a hot babe wearing skin tight shiny spandex is and we try to capture that sensation in our videos. These girls like to wear articles of clothing that are tight and shiny and sometimes made of spandex. They also enjoy talking dirty to the camera. You can check them out in a good number of videos and photo sets that you won’t find elsewhere. The movies are high in quality and so are the pictures. New content gets posted regularly and there are outtakes, too. Shiny Dolls is all about tight, shiny clothing and spandex and the babes who wear it. So, despite its name, the website really doesn’t really have anything to do with dolls at all. However, toys do make appearances from time to time, though they may not be the kind you’d initially expect to see.
Sometimes, a sexy item of clothes can get you harder than naked flesh. Black leather and sexy stockings can do amazing things to a woman’s body. The same is true of shiny clothes: latex, rubber, spandex and PVC can make a hot body look like it’s dipped in precious metal – a gorgeous, expensive fuck doll that sparkles and shines as you pound into her. The creative team of Land Of Models understands this desire for perfect artificial love mates, and has built a network of shiny clothes fetish sites and hardcore 3D animation to create the sex dolls of your dreams. Shiny Dolls is one of the network’s excellent and inventive sites.
The clothes are as much a star of the site as the hot babes who wear them. Some girls look like gorgeous robots, shiny, skin tight metal leggings stretching around their long limbs and curvaceous asses, and outlining their wet pussies. Others look more like naughty mermaids playing with their inflatable dolphins, their tits and hips encased in rubber bikinis that glint like sexy fish scales. The Shiny Dolls show off their metallicized bodies for the camera, teasing and flirting; and some even rub fragrant oils all over their bodies that are not imprisoned in tight plastic so that their skin can be as shiny as their clothes.

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