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103 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

A cock-craving slut and two handsome bisexual guys make a perfect team of threesome players. With girl’s pussy and mouth busy there are always a few tight assholes available for deep penetration and these horny fellas waste no time plunging their dicks into each other’s backdoor tunnels. Would you just love to join this fantastic orgy? Watch these three passionate lovers go full-speed deep and hard and guess who’s gonna be the one to get the most cums in the end.
Guy fucks a girl, girl fucks another girl, while the guy gets fucked by another guy! Confused? This is just a sample of what you’ll see in BiSexPlanet. Here, everybody fucks everybody. Straight, homos, and lesbos here always get ready to RUMBLE!
It seems there are thousands of sites designed for breeders and thousands made for the gay crowd – but for those of us who like to walk the line between the two and weave in and out of both worlds there is a burning need for some new bisexual smut providers. BiSexPlanet has stepped up and decided to fill the void!Starting up in June of 2006, BiSexPlanet has already amassed an archive of 109 video updates and thousands of bone jarring, clit twitching pictures that will have your fingers shivering as you move your mouse over each to click them. The site is packed full of hard young twinks and their soft female friends. Most scenes focus on the two guys and a girl scenario but don’t worry, these guys are looking to fuck man ass and suck dick just as much as they want to finger-pop the female whores they hang with.BiSex Planet brings you to a place where it’s possible to fuck every hole you see. The guys and girls in the member’s area are horny for hot hardcore sucking and fucking and they get everything they can handle in the picture galleries and videos. Hopefully you’ll feel the same way.
BiSex Planet is a relatively average site but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The truth about the bisexual genre is that there are very few truly amazing sites to check out. It must not be a very popular type of site because you don’t get much content. The updates stopped a long time ago so the site isn’t getting any bigger but there’s more than enough downloadable content to enjoy. The real frustration is the navigation. It’s just a really poor design inside and it’s hard to get around efficiently. You’ll end up frustrated, especially since a lot of the videos are only available to download in small parts, not full length clips. Those are almost impossible to enjoy because grabbing them is such a fucking hassle. If they corrected that stuff this would be a much better site. If you can find something just as good without the navigation hassles it’s worth joining. Bisexual porn is pretty much just one step away from gay porn, the guys give each other just as hard a fucking as they do with the girls turning orgies in to free for all fuck fests which can get insanely intense..

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