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17 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Listen to what I’ve thought of for you lately! I’ll let my spittle juice run over my lips and down on my hands. Wet and greasy I’ll rub my hands and let you suck my fingers. You will lick my tasty spittle juice to the last drop!
Spitting is rude, but these girls don’t care. They spit on their own bodies, on the floor, and on their shoes and boots. Of course, they expect you to lick their spit up. Some of them even spit into glasses and offer it you as the nectar of the Gods. You can expect to find lots of high-quality videos on this fetish site, so you can feel good about joining. Spitting Girls, as you can imagine, is home to women who like spitting. They let loose with the saliva on urinals, the floor, the ground, and on their shoes and boots and I’m guessing they’re encouraging you to lick it up since everything is shot POV style. Still, I can’t be sure what’s expected of you since none of the dialogue is in English and there aren’t any subtitles.Spitting Girls is a fantastic premium site that is a nice mish-mash of spitting porn, female domination, hot babes who love to humiliate guys and submissive dudes who can’t get enough discipline! It’s a premium site where you can enjoy in these amazing models who certainly know how to discipline their sub slaves.

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