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Hi I’m Kelly and my husband is Shawn. We actually grew up together in the same neighborhood. He’s always had a thing for me, in fact he used to ride his bike by my house and scream “I’m gonna marry you one day!” Well he was right! We are happily married and have been together for 18yrs and counting. I was really open sexually when I was younger, lost my virginity at a very YOUNG age! When Shawn & I got together I was really Bi-Sexual and explained to him that I never wanted to give that up. He didn’t have any objections to that and before you know it we were bringing girls into our bedroom to share. We evenually discovered the lifestyle of SWINGING. Kelly’s a hot babe who not only loves sex, but also loves sharing her sexual adventures with her legion of fans. She and her hubby invite both pros and amateurs over for lesbian action, DPs, threesomes, orgies, masturbation, outdoor scenes, bathroom sex and office banging, most of which is captured in HD videos. She also performs in weekly live cam shows. Whoever thinks marriage makes for a dull sex life hasn’t seen the action on Housewife Kelly. This may be an amateur site in the sense that Kelly does this for fun, but you still get a damn good ride. I know that the gimmick behind all amateur sites is that the people are doing it for the love of what they do and not what they earn. I’m sure that half the time it isn’t true, but the babe on HousewifeKelly is either a fantastic actress or she really does love sex and crave cum. In either case, I’m hooked on this superhot nymphomaniac. Seriously, some gals are just so good that it only makes sense for them to go pro. The site has a decent design and there are separate sections for the videos and photos along with an archive section that only seems to have older footage without any pics. You can save your favorites, rate the scenes, sort the content and post comments. You’ll also find keyword tags and an advanced search engine.

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