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67 FemDom, Humiliation, Feet Licking, Foot Domination, Trampling videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
The adoration of woman is an ancient tradition. It can be very rewarding to explore the possible origins, influences and effects of a continuing need to indulge in woman worship. That is what we would like to try to do in this part of the site.
Several theories have been put forward to explain why so many men are aroused by the idea of kneeling down to kiss the feet of women. Often these tendencies are labelled as foot fetishism and masochism, and the argument then diverted into hypotheses as to how `foot fetishism’, the most common form of fetishism, seeds itself. Most of these explanations center around the standard idea that it is not so much the qualities of the fetish object itself which inspire, but their relation to something else at a significant moment.
Many seem to find the notion of men showing respect to women in such a profound way as kissing their feet unacceptable, and try to explain it away. It is certainly a powerful and primeval act, holding great potency and symbolism. Given society’s attitude to womanhood over recent centuries, for some this symbolism is probably extremely threatening. It is understandable, therefore, that derisory explanations are often associated with foot fetishism, traditionally ignoring it as an act of worship. How much more exciting it may be, however, to contemplate the explanation that foot fetishism is more directly related to the object of that fascination. Why not consider the idea that many men are aroused by worshipping women because it is a natural result of the power of the feminine. That the constant and ancient ritual for showing worship, kissing the foot, is an act charged with both spiritual and sexual intensity. Why not just come clean and admit that there is much about women that is worth worshipping.

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