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Since we’ve been talking about the best scenes of the bangtour, it was logical that the worst one would come. Here it is thanks to Emma Angeli as sexy as a dead fish at the fishmonger’s. Our internet user had a lot of merit and I had to row to get 14 minutes in the editing. The advantage with Emma is that if she doesn’t come, you can fuck the empty bed and it will have the same effect. To make me forget the previous scene, I needed the charm of Decibelle. This girl is a sweetheart. Even if there was nothing sexual between us, I was hooked. I promise you that you will see her again soon in my films and I wish her a long career. In these moments one says to oneself that one makes nevertheless a beautiful profession. Not to mention the city of Saint-Etienne where I was rather bored. Lydia is a pro at heart. She wants to succeed and gives herself the means. What are you waiting for from other productions to take an interest in girls like her who, although they live in the provinces, are worth many others and just want to shoot ?

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