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5 German amateur videos. Below you can find the links for download and as well links for whatch the videos online!
Hello you, good that you’re there, I’m Mia. At the moment, I’m going to pick up my Abi, although I’m not really much older than my classmates at the age of 19. In order not always have to drive to school I moved to Karlsruhe. Here I live with a girlfriend. Sometimes going to school is exhausting, but I want to study and it’s not forever. I would like to do something in the field of film and television, but I have not yet decided 100%.
I enjoy spending my free time with gambling. Yes heard right! I’ve never been the cliché nerd with glasses and braces, as some might think. Just when I started playing online, I often saw myself confronted with prejudice, girls are apparently out of place in this area, according to some. Nevertheless, I have continued and would say that I am now quite good. Anyway, everyone should be allowed to do what he or she enjoys and can not put up with stupid roles or get stuck in any drawers!
That’s why I really like being here. I can try myself and gain new experiences again and again. Of course, not every one of my friends understands – and that does not necessarily mean that everyone knows why I do what I do. But as long as I enjoy and get to know so many nice people I will not stop, no matter what one or the other may say. That’s enough of me! I’m happy to meet you too!

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