Hazel (Full HD)

Category : ODAY

I normally like the end of the business week anyway, but I had an even bigger reason to have a big old grin over my chevy chase today… Hazel & Jack, that’s right a couple turned up today, a couple of bloody swingers that wanted to get into porn. A right fit pair, Hazel was tall, tanned, long legs, pretty eyes, brunette, very nice indeed and Jack… Well he’s a bloke innit. You know, he was alright. They both said they love people watching them fuck, so I did just that. First I got Hazel to get her fingers wet via a bit of masturbation, then I turned her attention onto Jack’s cock. From here I asked them to freestyle and watched some more. I was getting too turned on by this, I had to get a bit of this action and fast. So I asked Hazel if she fancied 2 cocks and she gave me the answer I was looking for. Bingo. It was time to sink the pink, but that’s enough commentary from me, check it out yourself. Although I’ve got a few parting words. Double swallow ending.

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