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1045 Amateur Asian Solo and Hardcore videos with huge tits. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for whatch the videos online!
This site shows what these fellows have found in various Asian countries…sexy gals with enormous boobs! A lot of the early photos from JS at Farangdingdong featured girls with breasts that are within the larger “normal” range of breast sizes. Though bras sizes differ from country to country, usually each progressive cup size is about one inch larger. Unfortunately, trying to figure out the proper bra size is a bit complicated and requires multiple measurements and calculations, but I will try to be brief. The first measurement is under the bust, or measuring the rib cage under the breasts. An average American woman measures between 28 inches to 32 inches in the underbust measurement. You add four inches to the ribcage measurement to get the Band Size. So a woman with a 28 inch rib cage would have a band size that is 32. Next, you measure the fullest part of the bosom, usually around the nipples and around the back. Let’s say that that measurement is 36 inches. Subtract the bust measurement from the band measurement and you get four. A cup size that has a four inches difference from the band size is a D cup, so this particular girl would wear a 32D.

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