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2 April 2018

33 HD and FULL HD videos of Caylin. Caylin: I am Italian and I live in Romania (I think I repeat this about 10 times per day, lol so funny). I broadcast on chaturbate and my name there is Caylin and Im just starting with MFC and my name there is CaylinLive. All of my videos on ManyVids are solo and g/g videos. I have never done a b/g video and never will, it is not my style. I promote good vibes and positive thoughts and Im always trying to avoid drama which seems to take over the internet slowly. I am single by choice and love my status for now. People that get to know me will tell that I am a genuine honest person and kind heart (I don`t like this part where I have to tell things about me because I seem to brag about it lol). If you ever passed by my room when I am online you might have seen that I am trying to raise tokens in order to donate and help foster kids from shelters here in Romania. I sometime get blamed because I am doing that in a world where that is the opposite of the pureness of these kids but I don`t care what people say Im going to try to do good the way I know and good hearted people will always help me and not blame me :)

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