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This website features hot amateur ladies who just need some extra cash and are willing to put in the effort to earn it. Although there are many things that people can do to make money, porn seems like the easiest thing for a hard-working babe. This could be because I see porn sites all day. Today, I am happy to recommend Broke Amateurs. Although the girls are ranging in age from teens to MILFs they are all amateurs who will suck cock and get fucked. The site is video only. The files are high-quality with both POV as stationary shots.
Maybe they need money or maybe they just want to have sex on camera for everyone to see. Either way, these cute and horny amateur chicks find their way to the site and go one-on-one with the guy who runs it. He fucks them good in both holes and provides jizz for them to swallow. If you like first-timers, you’ll love these lengthy, mostly good-quality videos. There are a lot of things people can do for money, but it seems to me that an easy thing any hard-up babe can do is porn. Although, that could be due to the fact that I look at porn sites all day. Regardless, today I have a really good site to recommend called Broke Amateurs. The funny thing is that in all the videos I watched on BrokeAmateurs (and I watched quite a few), the babe’s financial situation never came up. The scenes are true amateur action and there is lots of fun and playful talking before and after the sex (sometimes also during) between the chick and the guy doing all the filming and fucking. They talk about sex and their lives and their experiences and if they are married or seeing someone, etc, but not about money.
Another amateur site and more question marks over the amateurism of some of the girls involved. Certainly a couple of the British girls that make appearances on Broke Amateurs are definitely not amateurs, although I’d say the majority here were possibly having one of the first goes at being hardcore pornstars. But it’s fair to say that this has less of a grounding in real amateur content and is instead far safer being regarded as an all-round hardcore site. The girls are very hot indeed. Particularly standing out for me were Starr, an alleged 18 year old hairdresser, and Kim, a hardcore MILF. The fact that some of the girls make more than one appearance may not add much credence to the story of them trying this once to earn some money but it was good to see a couple of these girls appearing again as some of them were very hot indeed. The content on Broke Amateurs gets an approved from me, the girls are mostly good looking and obliging then turn out to be stars! Would be good to see some pics of the scene so you can preview it before clicking. Broke Amateurs is a pretty standard hardcore amateur site that has the usual mixture of girls who have clearly done hardcore porn before and some that probably haven’t. Not a perfect amateur site then by any stretch of the imagination, but it has some bits on it.

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