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120 Slave, Latex, Misstres, Hardcore, Anal videos. In the spoiler, you’ll find the links to download and watch the videos online.
I, Baroness Bijou live my dominance in all situations of life. So I practice SM with all its facets also in my everyday life; whether it is to be served by a sub from front to back, to show him in public, to live out my sadistic streak in him or to train him as my pony, human dog or boot slave. In this extreme form, I have been practicing this for over 9 years.In addition, I love to stand in front of the camera and realize myself. Because I have a strong obsession with latex, heels boots (corsets), riding, and military clothes, it is possible to be booked by photographers as a model. You can contact me with any questions or interest. So, I practice SM in all facets of my daily life.
In this extreme manner I carry out my passion above 9 years. Furthermore I love it to fulfill myself in front of a camera.
It has collected many clothes over the years because of my fetish for corsets and heels boots, latex, corsets, riding, and military outfits.
Photographers have the option to book me as their model. Who is interested or has any questions don’t be afraid to write me. 😉 Baroness Bijou

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