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120 Slave, Latex, Misstres, Hardcore, Anal videos. Above n the spoiler you will find the download links as well as the links to view the videos online.
I, Baroness Bijou have a life that demonstrates my dominance over all things. I also practice SM with all its facets in my daily life. Whether it’s to serve a sub from back to front, to show him off in public, to display my sadistic streak in her, or to train him to become my pony, human dog, or bootslave. In this extreme form, I have been practicing this for over 9 years.In addition, I love to stand in front of the camera and realize myself. Due to my fetish of latex, corsets and heels boots, riding, and military outfits, it has been possible for me to be booked as a model by photographers. If you are interested or have any questions, just write me 😉 Baroness BijouMe, Baroness Bijou, play out my dominance in every condition of life. I use SM in everyday life as well. So, I can serve a slave, make him look foolish in public, or play with my sadistic veins with him.
I am able to live out my passion in this extreme way.
Because I have a distinctive fetish for latex, corsets, heels boots, riding and military outfits, it has collected a lot of clothes in recent years.
So it’s possible for photographers to book me as model. I am available to answer any questions you may have. 😉 Baroness Bijou

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