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Hello and welcome to our JAV siterips section! Tell us: is there a JAV site you love, but don't really visit because it's way too pricey? Who the hell pays for porn nowadays, anyway? Well, if there's a JAV site like that for you, you are in luck – we have all the hottest clips collected and neatly organized right here, on this very page. If you don't actually have a JAV website that you enjoy, you're also in luck, it's gonna be all fresh and new to you. We are totally envious of people who have not seen a JAV porn video in their lives, you're about to discover the hottest XXX genre in the world. Good thing you're discovering it here, and not on some pricey JAV website, huh?

So, first things first – why do people enjoy Japanese pornography so much? For starters, it's inherently weird and kinky. Japanese people are weird and kinky and that's what they want to record on video, go figure. There are so many porn genres that are almost 100% exclusive to the Japanese porn market. The most obvious and divisive example would be porn with tentacles. Do people enjoy watching tentacles ravage some innocent-looking Asian cutie? Hell yeah, they do. It's not for everyone, but you can't deny that there's something to that idea. The second thing is, like with any other type of media/art/whatever, Japanese people actually enjoy the plot. Their obsession with story-driven clips is also divisive, but you have to try it. The context always makes thing look hotter than they are, instant gratification is overrated and these types of slow-burn clips are severely underrated. That's our hot take on it, anyway.

Obviously, some people just enjoy Asian women. The Japanese ones, namely. It's just a preference and you know how that goes. Asian chicks, on average, age way better than the Western ones do. Something about the air, the diet or something. We don't care why, we are just stating the fact. Some fresh-faced and perky-looking beauty could be well into her forties and you wouldn't know because she looks 20-something, at most. That's the magic of JAV porn, folks.

Even more obviously, some people hate the JAV stuff because of the pixeled out/blurred out parts. Well, that's also a matter of preference. Some have learned to live with that, some actually find it to be hotter than seeing full-on penetration every single second.

Doesn't really matter why people enjoy Japanese porn, they just do. Our goal was to hook you up with premium XXX content. We wanted you to download it for free with great download speed and, what do you know, that's exactly what we have managed to achieve here. So, with no further ado, we want to welcome you here, on our JAV Siterips section and wish you all the best of luck. It's very Japanese to be kind and respectful (some clips prove this to be wrong, though) and we also want you to enjoy the daily updates we have here. Don't forget about the updates, come back later today or tomorrow. We will be waiting.